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Raise the visitor experience to a new level with virtual reality

It is a great challenge for every company that trade fair visitors remember the brand content they were confronted with at the trade fair. Unfortunately, the human mind is conditioned to move, not stand still. On the other hand, he is distracted by the many noises and conversations. And if a standardized trade fair stand was also chosen, the brand message falls below the memory radar. Know more about Exhibition in Dubai.

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The cognitive inability of trade show attendees to remember branded content

The fact is that while visitors are focused on the brand messages of physical products, they are effectively unable to remember them due to fragmentation of attention. From the perspective of exhibitors attending trade shows, this inability of visitors to retain branded content in their minds leads to the following challenges: Learn more about exhibition stand design.

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  • lost opportunities in lead generation
  • limited sales opportunities
  • reduced recommendations 
  • fewer visitor requests

The cause of the "loss of memory" of the trade fair visitors and the associated reduced opportunities for value creation is a lack of "user experiences". Until visitors convert into users, the inability to remember brand messages becomes a real problem for exhibitors. Check out our exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Virtual reality and the symbolic systems of user experience

To give visitors the opportunity for user experience, you need a booth design that allows you to bridge the gap between access to brand content and hands-on product experience. This is where VR can fully demonstrate its strengths.

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The use of virtual reality technology platforms in a creative exhibition booth allows the user to move from the physical to the digital plane. It opens up the possibility for him to deal intensively with the pure product experience because the noise level and the hustle and bustle in the background are completely eliminated.

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With this trade fair stand idea, the brand can be brought psychologically closer to the interested party by offering virtual realities - even if only for a short period of time!

What to consider when deploying VR in trade show booths

The use of virtual reality is undoubtedly one of the best trade fair stand ideas for exhibitors to increase the user experience. In order to generate real added value from this, the following aspects should be taken into account:

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The VR show should not exceed five minutes

The use of VR should encourage visitors to visit your exhibition stand. Therefore, you should motivate the audience and offer them an interactive environment. The individual VR show should take less than five minutes. Always announce the respective show dates on a board. In this way, you can schedule the stand personnel and the time for user questions. 

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Choose an exhibition stand designer

Deploying VR requires expert knowledge in drafting the booth design, floor plan, built area for VR implementation, and providing a physical environment that needs to be synchronized with the VR platform. Find a booth designer who has experience with VR-enabled booths. 

Consider renting a booth

VR tech platforms and gadgets are expensive and require efficient handling and logistical support. It is a good idea to consider a VR tech provider after doing extensive market research.

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Consider all the senses 

VR isn't just about a simulation video, it's also about the listening experience. Don't compromise on the sound component. Let the exhibition stand designer construct the exhibition stand that offers visitors the best possible sound quality.

Provide seating for visitors 

It's supposed to be a VR show. This is one of the reasons why you should develop a floor plan that offers both users and visitors seating options. Arrange the seating so that visitors can sit at the booth and witness the user experience. Provide an additional monitor to project what the VR user is experiencing. 

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Offer hangouts with employees 

Given that trade shows are the best way to reduce the distance between visitors, it is possible to run VR hangout sessions with back-office staff in a simulated scenario. In this way, visitors can interact with the people behind the brand and receive a transparent insight into the corporate culture of the brand.

Discuss the VR experience with remote participants

External visitors can participate in the trade fair via VR. A VR presentation gives remote users the option to virtually visit the booth on the company's website or meet there via social media. This is particularly useful for PR measures, media cooperation, or similar campaigns to intensify website traffic or synchronize leads. 

When you allow visitors to push the boundaries of physical experience and step into a digital environment with virtual reality, you can offer them what was missing in the past - a real user experience. People forget what they read, hear and see - but not what they experience.

Raise the visitor experience to a new level with virtual reality

It is a great challenge for every company that trade fair visitors remember the brand content they were confronted with at the trade fair. U...